Sports Marketing

Digital Content

we analyze and improve the social media presence of professional athletes to increase their market values, attract sponsors and audiences

Brand Development

we help to create a personal brand development plan and connect professional athletes with the right media partners


Consulting Services

we tailor bespoke plans and offer the best professional consultation throughout the career, providing management services and advice in sports law matters

Lifestyle Needs

we provide daily support, specializing on all athletes’ lifestyle needs, from travel itineraries, events and concert tickets, to personal shopping and relocation help


Talent Identification

we use both traditional and technical scouting approaches in professional football to find the perfect profile available on the market

Advanced Reporting

we prepare detailed scouting reports, including match and team player reports


Video and Data Analysis

we conduct in-depth performance analysis by utilizing different software programs to dive deep into the nuances of the sports competition. We make record of performance, monitor progress, and identify strengths and weaknesses of athletes, so you can gain a full overview of their performance in rich real-time glory. We provide detailed pre and post match analysis, including the objective information visualized by graphic models, flowcharts, and presentation


Estimations of Market Values

our intuitive interface offers tailor technology solutions that provide quality estimations in professional football. We leverage a data-driven approach using big data and formulas to assess market values in women's football with metrics such as athlete performance, statistics, and ranking. The real time value calculation stimulates athletes to keep their performance balanced, and offers sports clubs and managers a competitive advantage in transfer negotiations


Sports Rating System

we analyze the results of different global sports competitions, providing ratings for professional athletes and sports teams. That’s where all the statistics come in. From individual actions measuring performance to automating rankings, gaining data on the nuances of the sports competition is vital in ensuring your athletes and the audience get the most out of it. This is the scientific sports solutions that make the difference

Our Clients

Professional athletes

Sports managers

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