Estimation of Market Values

we leverage a data-driven approach to assess market values in football with metrics such as athlete performance, player popularity, team performance, etc.

Data-driven Approach

we use the method which is more accurate for low to medium-priced players, showing low deviations of estimated market values from actual transfer fees


Data and Video Analysis

we conduct in-depth performance analysis in sports and create unique approaches, including customized dashboards, utilizing different software programs

Performance Indexes

we develop custom metrics and algorithms by using valuable, academically supported information to create performance indexes, bringing objectivity into the sport


Metrics-based Approach

we cover various parameters, including followers growth and engagement rate to improve the social media presence of athletes and attract sponsors and fans

AI Social Score

we use state-of-the-art AI neural network algorithms to analyze the social media score of athletes to have a positive impact on their reputation and online presence

Career Management

Consulting services

we tailor bespoke plans and offer the best professional consultation to athletes throughout their careers, providing guidance to help them achieve their goals

Lifestyle needs

we provide daily support, specializing in all athletes’ lifestyle needs, from travel itineraries, event planning, to personal shopping and relocation assistance

Talent Identification

Performance Evaluation

we assess the potential of athletes, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide feedback and recommendations to help them reach their full potential

Connection Solutions

we help talents find opportunities that match their potential, whether that's through introductions to coaches, scouts, or other sports organizations

Ranking System

Advanced Ratings

we analyze the results of different national and global sports competitions by using mathematical models to define the most successful athletes at the end of the year

User-Friendly Tools

we provide users with easy access to our platform, robust filtering options to quickly find relevant information, and notification systems to stay up-to-date

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