Firld Named Among Top eSports Startups Shaping New York’s Gaming Scene in 2023

We’re excited to announce that Firld has earned a spot on the prestigious list of Top Influential eSports Startups in New York by USVenture.

As the esports industry continues to thrive, we are proud to be among the pioneers driving innovation and transformation in this thriving sector.

In the heart of New York City, a thriving hub for sports startups, Firld is making significant progress to provide cutting-edge solutions and create connections within the community. Recently, as we’ve ventured into the esports market for sports management, winning this recognition is a testament to our dedication and potential in this exciting new field.

At Firld, we’re not just following the esports wave; we’re shaping its future. We’re exploring various segments of the sports market, including sports management, analytics, and marketing. Our goal is to contribute to the industry’s overall development and growth.

EA Sports Reveals Player Ratings for the National Women’s Soccer League

For the first time in the USA National Women’s Soccer League, EA Sports revealed the FIFA 23 ratings for all 12 teams, and the top 5 players are:

• Alex Morgan – 90
• Debinha – 88
• Rosemary Lavelle – 87
• Sophia Smith – 87
• Mallory Swanson – 87

These rankings align with Firld estimations of player market values. In November 2022, a New York-based startup released estimations of market values for professional women’s soccer players, and the top 5 players by market value are:

• Mallory Swanson – 255 (Th. EUR)
• Alex Morgan – 224
• Sophia Smith – 212
• Rosemary Lavelle – 190
• Jordyn Huitema – 171

While the FIFA rankings and Firld market value estimations use different approaches, it’s hard to ignore the striking similarities between the two. This is a testament to the accuracy and effectiveness of the Firld model.

WreStats: Redefining Excellence in Wrestling through Advanced Data and Video Analytics

Firld has recently introduced a beta version of their new project in Olympic wrestling called WreStats. This product showcases the power of data and video analytics in the sport of wrestling and provides athletes with valuable insights to take their skills to the next level. WreStats is just a small taste of what Firld’s main product in data and video analytics can do.

WreStats is the ultimate solution for analyzing wrestling matches, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and tracking progress over time. Athletes can access detailed statistics on everything from takedowns to pins and review video footage to pinpoint areas for improvement. Coaches can also use this product to get a better understanding of their athletes’ performance and provide more effective training.

The team behind Firld believes that every athlete deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. That’s why they’ve developed this powerful tool to help Olympic and amateur wrestlers excel in their sport. Whether training for the next sports competitions or simply looking to improve their skills, WreStats is the perfect solution to achieve their goals.

Check out WreStats here and see how Firld’s expertise in data and video analytics can benefit you!

Firld Releases Market Values for National Women’s Soccer League Players: Latest Data-Driven Insights Now Available

The Firld team is currently working to estimate market values in football using a data-driven approach and is expanding their coverage to include more leagues. In addition to covering the English Women’s Super League, the Firld team has updated the market values of 296 out of 349 professional players who participated in this year’s first-tier Women’s Soccer League in the USA.

Data-driven estimations of transfer values in women’s football

Last year we launched the beta version of our unique product in women’s football, estimating transfer values using a data-driven approach. We have recently updated the transfer values of 217 players out of 322 in FA Women’s Super League, season 2021/2022.

Founder of Firld Georgii Kesaev has become an Ambassador of LongoMatch

Founder of Firld Georgii Kesaev has become an Ambassador of LongoMatch, which is a video analyzing tool for team based sports. Check the LongoMatch website here.

Georgii Kesaev Ambassador of LongoMatch

EASA – Grand Finale

Friday, February 5, 2021 at 5 pm UTC+3. EuroAsian Startup Awards. Grand Finale.


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EuroAsian Startup Awards

Firld earned several nominations for the EuroAsian Startup Awards 2020, including
Best Newcomer, and The Digital Transformers.


Firld EuroAsian Startup Awards

Check the full list of National Finalists here.