Fusing powerful data-driven processes to results-powered marketing and management, FIRLD is a sports company that specializes in helping athletes, teams and organizations maximise their potential.




The initial idea was formed at the beginning of 2020, establishing FIRLD as the Football Independent Research Laboratory Database. We began tracking football data, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the development of the sport. We collected data that many sports organizations use to maximize their performance impact. Through intensive R&D efforts, we built the Beta version of our pilot product, leveraging a data-driven approach to assess transfer market values in women's football. Given the positive impact of high-quality data analysis on the sports management industry, our company has begun offering athlete management services backed by robust data, incorporating meticulous marketing methods. In 2021, we formed our business in New York City, a great hub of the innovative startup ecosystem.


Recognizing the potential to create the go-to platform for technologically advanced sporting solutions, not just in football but across the entire sports industry, we have expanded our expertise to cover other sports. The WreStats project was launched for the Olympic wrestling industry. Furthermore, we have expanded our services into the eSports division, which nowadays attracts larger audiences. Additionally, we are currently working on the RingStats project, offering analytics for boxing. We continue to push for trustworthy results, providing high-quality services that make the difference.





Football • Wrestling • Boxing • eSports



Firld, Inc. 800 Third Avenue FRNT A #1244, New York, NY 10022


Georgii Kesaev


Bagrat Urumov



Firld earned several nominations for the EuroAsian Startup Awards 2020, including Best Newcomer, and The Digital Transformers.

Selected for the list of New York’s 101 top startups in the sports and IT space by Beststartup in 2022.


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