Fusing powerful data-driven processes to results-powered marketing and management, Firld is a sports company that specializes in helping athletes, teams and organizations maximise their potential.




Someone has to keep track of sports data. From individual actions measuring performance to automating rankings, gaining data on the nuances of difference is vital in ensuring your athletes and the audience get the most out of it. We’re the people who collect that data that many sports organizations use to maximise the impact of their performance. Great data can completely change the face of a sport and revolutionize it’s development. So we pride ourselves in being centre stage in the world of emerging sports data, so that we can truly be an organization that makes a difference.


Using in-depth analysis we dive deep into the nuances of the sports competition, analyzing the transfer market values in professional football so you can gain a full overview of the players’ performance in rich real-time glory. Our intuitive interface offers tailor technology solutions that provide quality estimations in football and analyse the performance of athletes from every angle.


We’re about more than just data though. We thrive on fresh talent. Our startup offers athlete management for sportsmen of every size. Not only that but meticulous marketing methods that are driven by pure, raw results. No matter the point in their career an athlete may be, we can represent them every step of the way on their journey to the top. By leveraging our years of experience and vast network, we can bring them centre stage and in front of millions doing the sport they love. Our end aim is to become the go-to platform for technologically-advanced sporting solutions in the entire industry.


Firld aims to efficiently solve a number of drawbacks in the sports sector. A major part of them is the technical ones. These include improvements to integrated platforms through the creation of unique integrated alternatives. There’s also currently limits to the data estimations in sports which we’ve managed to widen. In terms of overall business and ethical concerns, we pride ourselves in providing transparency and integrity. Not to mention giving women in the industry the much needed representation they need. Our technologies also solve the problems of lack of information and digitization away from the traditional ways of doing business. Overall, there's no one go-to platform for professional sportsmen that fuses scientifically supported data analysis and high-powered sports marketing into one. Which is exactly what we set out to change.





Our main aim is to revolutionize and change the sports sector by bringing innovative technology solutions to athletes, clubs, management and organizations worldwide. We love data. It’s what we do best. That’s because we understand that with the right data you can predict future trends. Then when you can predict future trends you can make smart decisions in the present. This means we work hard with our clients to help them make better decisions on a day-to-day basis that benefit their team or organization. Decisions based on meticulous data adhered from years of proven scientific research. Reliability and transparency is at the core of what we do, as we continue to push for trustworthy results and digestible data that truly makes the difference. Our goal through this is to become the main, trusted platform in the sports sector for working with talent and analysing real data.


Georgii Kesaev


Bagrat Urumov



Firld earned several nominations for the EuroAsian Startup Awards 2020, including Best Newcomer, and The Digital Transformers.

Founder of Firld Georgii Kesaev was named in the list as one of the top professionals in the sports industry in Russia by Wanta Group.


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